“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most
frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?
Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that
other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do.
We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we
unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”
              Marianne Williamson
"A Return To Love"    
 Prayer by Marianne Williamson
May all that is good be born in us, all that is holy be restored to us, and all
that is love become one with us. ~ Amen 





We are all so ONE now that it really is hard to tell one energy from the next.
I have been in connection with so many of you today, just in these last several hours..
as I make my way through the many polite returns that I might in this one day. (Not so perfectly...I might add--Perhaps it's the energies of this full moon?) & in the illusion of this have been given many opportunities to communicate, in behalf of the "light", many insights and blessings to so many. 
For example....returning some pleasantries to invitations...both on Referral Key & Linked In.....I was able to post new channeling s & messages.  Then on "The Shift Network"....I spoke with the Chief Technical Officer and shared messages that 'came writing through'- about the need for these kind of 'mediums' - that afford us all the opportunity to just "touch" with energies in such a way as to "quicken" the evolutionary process of 'Man'. 
That in forums such as these We are blessed with each encounter that we have to look on the face of God...In one another....to see into the eyes of the Eternal and Touch the ONENESS that is our true form & our certain point of Origin. 
That at these times...as much as it gives us the invitation to commune with
like energies, (and we do need that)....I feel there is a larger purpose in that we are potentially "weaving" ourselves ....coagulating into the unavoidable & absolute TRUTH OF OUR UNITY and OUR SOURCE. 
I have "felt" for some time that this 'medium' ....(just like the internet) ...has been facilitating this integration of all 'our collective selves' back to the Oneness; and although as "humans" we might need to have association and deep connections with others of "like mind"....perhaps there is a much "higher" benefit to all of this.
As has been discussed so often....All of this exposure to the multitude of faces and experiences; all of this diversity...in so many ways....no matter what form it takes....Is constantly "holding itself out to us" to see that WE ARE THE SAME....YOU ARE ME AND I AM YOU. That  We are privy to so many others lives and hopes and dreams....let alone their feelings and experiences, quite honestly...almost 'compels' Us to "know" one another...for there is most certainly, always - something in their lives that We may relate to. Perhaps this is the only way that We will find our way back to the Light of God.....and perhaps there was never a time that we could get there without each other.
To entertain the idea, that these are the "strings" that are connecting us all. I have been feeling the immense power of the integration and the CONSTANT "CALL" TO  STAY CENTERED...every moment with that KNOWING. 
This is a time when that "old play" of duality is "pulling" at us to acknowledge it...To empower it....to validate it as an authentic reality....compelling us to remain "small"..."little" in our understanding of the world...each other....and ourselves. However, as it turns out....it appears that it is getting much easier for Us to simply "walk through it". To create awake...if you will, right through that reality.  To allow those that might want to "create" a reality different than that which is resonating with Us... to do what resonates with them and simply continue creating right through that.  Right up within that "space", holding a 'vision' that is 'shared' in a higher light expression...Where We can feel everything becoming Us & Us becoming everything. ALL THE TIME & EVERYWHERE.
It has also become evident that so many are struggling with the body right now; yet seem to have a "knowing" that it is vital to maintain the 'delicate & somehow blissful' balance of everything.....including the body....to accomplish our purpose here.
So I was able to exchange sweet conversation --several times with this very humble man & returned several correspondences with clients & attended to some flyer announcements for coordinating further events in California.  (More integration).
I have had many 'insights'- as well in these last weeks...As I am shown ..inpreparation for these times ahead of us.
All is readying....transcending....restructuring at the sub-atomic levels of our experience...
All of which is assimilating, GREATER LIGHT....(They are showing me a "different kind of light") a more refined....higher frequential expression of the "consciousness of God" that results in a complete restructuring of Us ....in TOTAL EXPRESSION.  As WE NOW begin to.... 'out picture' and 'embody' ONLY that which we were originally designed to "BE". Divine similitude.  Our bodies ...being the "willing" portals, gates or "space-holders" for "bridging" these "many mansion worlds" of the Creator's Light.
As I Embrace Source in this Present...moment...NOW, The Peace of God fills & enfolds me......And I KNOW, there is Only Love....Only Light....ONLY ONE.
I always wondered what would it 'be like' when I came to this 'place' of remembering;
now ...I know...it is Peace.

In this moment, in this place,
I remember who I am.
Letting fear and worry fall away from me.
I open my eyes and see...
There is only Love.  There is only Love.
Love that heals. 
Love that sets (us) (me) free.
There is only, only Love.
When I lose my soul. 
When it seems I've lost my way.
When I go inside and quiet my mind,

I can hear Spirit gently say:

There is Only Love.
"There is One Presence, and One Power
 in the universe, 
God, the Good , Omnipotent."

                                                          THE NEXT STEP IN THE PROCESS!



This 'medium' is much more coming to the 'fore' as we individually and collectively "bring through" the messages that this world is longing for.  For each utterance and each written word.....along with it's vibratory companion, "gifts" this world with it's new frequential en-codings as is intended and distributed for the foundations of this world and the "new light". Prepare yourselves dearest ones, for the 'fullness' of the 'lights' you are
integrating within you.  For all of you are assimilating the "splinters" and fragments of your Presence that have been expressing (until now) in their
'own created light'.  These may appear to you to "feel" or "look" very different. Remember you are a vast multidimensional being, and you are all beginning to awaken to the FULL understanding of ....just what that really means.
This began a short time before this last eclipse and is finding it's final "push" into each of your consciousnesses during this last lunar phase.
Many of you experienced ....exhaustion...confusion...great emotional upheaval...some feeling "taxed" to their very core.  You are beginning to see
 the TRUTH of your beautiful....EXPANSIVE AND GALACTIC selves. 
This 'surfacing awareness' in combination with this last "SOLSTICE FULL MOON" brought up some of your deepest repressed feelings and perceptions held deep in the shadows of your "being"......Things that ...most of you are "knowing" or "sensing".....but up till now were not able to address.  Please understand...beloveds that this is ...ALL SO PERFECT.  It would have to be this way ...for although there is so much that ...in your "humanness" you are quite prepared to entertain....in the way of "futuristic thoughts" or concepts......It is really quite another thing to realize that you ARE THAT. This will take some time to make it's way to the "comfort zone" for many...dare We say....most of you? Just know that all is perfect as you are truly amazing in that which you have accomplished so far.  For you are the "birth-place" of this 'new light'. This "Light" is the 'truth' of you and your divine right...and expression, and this is the time for you to demonstrate to the world...your light and the brilliance of your inner esscence.
As you ....as glorious particles of the Creator's Light...begin to 'bring this forth' in each of you, in turn this "lifts Us all up".
Collectively expressing in this way....as integrated consciousness....a unified "field" of frequency, light and vibration that "calls" to the light of Source so that It  might direct It's energies to this part of It's creational space...igniting that remembrance...that knowing .... of who We really are and what We are doing here.
And so it is....that I take this 'journey' today with you .....Feeling all that comes with "being human" and making these "shifts" that have become a
constant companion in this time. I honor each of you .....Seeing you
or the Light that you are and the Love that you express.....However you may want to interpret that.  I hold you each in my heart as we make our collective 'journey' Home......
Precious Ones- Respect one another, love one another...treat each other as you would want to be treated....
In Love & Great Light;

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Blessings & Light- Robin L. Modaffare 

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In Honor Of The
       Light In Each Of You!

Dearest Ones;
There have been so many of you who have expressed to me the experience of ...Ones that they know or love having made their "transitions" in these last several months.  When I returned recently home from our last "gathering" .... I was met with that very circumstance, myself.  It came in the form of several
people, acquaintances, family members, emails and long distance relationships....where... I was made aware that so many had made their transitions just a week  or so prior to and then again on the weekend of the Full Moon.
Those of you who were gathered with us in Flagstaff this last weekend may find this of particular interest...and ALL of those that came to my awareness - had - sudden and unexpected - heart failure, irregular heart-beat and blood-pressure
difficulties. I have written on this just recently.....Finding that these are some of the most prominent and profound symptoms of this  "Shift" process.  That these are -genuine and tangible signs that we are truly "shifting" from the 'head' to the 'heart'.... And this Heart is Expanding.....

and Expanding to express  ...NOW...In ALL it fullness as the Infinite Cosmic Heart that is out picturing through
the Sacred Union of the male  and female.....The pineal and the pituitary......the right and left hemispheres of the brain and the ventricles of

our very precious heart. 
I/We know that this is difficult for some to really understand. How could the "taking in" or the  "integration" of these vast fields of information and knowledge..... have such an affect on our physical bodies.  For many of you who have studied such things through the forms  of energetic healing and other such modalities.....This is nothing new. 
 For thoughts are things!!!  And for the last many years....Your thoughts...dearest Ones have been moving at Light Speed.
......It is your physical brain that sends out all of this new information and knowledge to the body as well as the world you see around you and even beyond that.  It is Our KNOWING that you DO understand this at the  levels that you need to right now and many of you understand this PERFECTLY AT ALL LEVELS.  What We are trying to share today is: THE ABSOLUTE CONFIRMATION OF THESE THINGS EXPRESSING IN FULLNESS AND IN PERFECT DIVINE TIMING AND PLAN....... The difficult part of this is that .......Some will "choose" to manage these "shifts" (as difficult as they, more often than not are) and some will "choose" to use these opportunities to "move on".  Either way......The profound  messages in experiences such as these are helping us ALL TO TRANSCEND..ourselves..our littleness, our separateness, our loneliness, our limitations and so much more. 
 We are COMING TO KNOW OURSELVES IN EACH OTHER.....Being given , delicious glimpses into the ETERNAL SELF....ALL CONNECTED
This story that is Our Story allows me - to share with you - is one of those....along with my own recent experiences with this.....and my connection with you all..Who are me/Us... who are in this experience together to co-create-THE  ULTIMATE EVOLUTION.......DIVINE UNITY....DIVINE LOVE. 
So We honor all of these beautiful "lights" who are making their transitions in this time.  We honor them - in life and in the "fullness" they are expressing In Their "Light" NOW....having made their transition. 
Blessings and Peace to you - sweet ones.... and thank you and all those that continue to "gift us" in All forms....In All Ways.
Peace Be Unto You-                                                                                          
                                                               " BRINGING FORTH" THE



As I was awakened this very powerful and portentous morning to information 'streaming through' as it often does - I was directed to come and talk with you a while.  To share that which was seen and received that you might find your perfect place within this "Light" as well.
I was shown the vision of a "New Earth"...One that had 'two suns', as I was able to make out....They were concealed, somewhat, by wonderful hazy clouds....But I am quite sure that that is what I was looking at. Perhaps it was what some have described as 'a twin' in the process of dividing or cloning itself.  But somewhere deep in my memory - I have a knowing of this "two sun" System.
Then came the 'vision' of "The Light" streaming forth from Source....filtering and pressing itself...permeating everything in its path...bathing it all in Light.  Pressing ever downward and here....Every one of your beautiful and magnificent Cosmic Hearts....Consciously joining with one another .... stretching forth....reaching out.....embracing each Heart....becoming One. 
I AM hearing "You Beloveds- interface with this Light.....You ARE the New - "Living Grid" of the New Earth.....It is through the interface of each of your Great Cosmic Hearts and your newly "raised" crystalline bodies.....Connecting with the energies and encodings and new programs for a New Universe, that you are 'bringing forth' the ....long awaited Divine Plan.  Some of you will know this through concepts and language that may appear to be different.....But it is time dearest ones, to understand that ... these apparent differences are of NO importance.
We "Call" you to a Higher Sight...a Higher Knowing of One Another..a Higher Love.  To see yourselves as this wondrous and LIVING new membrane for a great and blessed entity......Earth....Gaia.  To KNOW and experience yourself as One Essence..One Breath....One Light; for you truly are.  But first: You MUST recognize your Oneness with each other, with this precious planet and The Light itself.
This Light that IS "Coming Forth" this Day..From Christ..The Goddess...Source; whatever you desire to call it (it matters not) is being ushered in by YOU.  You will be the Portals of this Light...this Love.  Open yourselves to it....Give yourselves
 to it....
There is no need to be anxious over this or to struggle with a need to  Know.....Just LET it come in and move through you and THERE IS YOUR SERVICE.  Align yourselves ..Dear Ones with as much love as you can and ...perhaps with others,
 if that is an option...and OPEN yourself to the LOVE-LIGHT that is streaming through for this MOMENTOUS ALIGNMENT OF THE 11:11:11.
Tens of thousands of Groups of loving and conscious beings are gathering today, all over this world and many others to connect their hearts...One to another...In the Highest Love possible and are intending and directing that Love, from Source Light-through all dimensional levels....to find it anchored Here.  In our sweet Earth. 
Dearest Ones....this day has long been awaited....All is in ready...and Your are more honored and blessed than you could understand, simply for "choosing" to make this 'journey' (we know-that is still a hard one
to accept)".Be good to one another.....Love one another sweet and gentle ones.. Bring  that love into Oneness........You are 'birthing' a New Light in you and in the Earth. So, whatever you find yourselves being called to do in way of contribution, connection or participation with the Power of this Moment in time/space....I honor you and I AM holding each of you in my heart and in a vision of Oneness, Peace
and Unity.
 Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish...Adonai Tsebayoth!
 In Love   & Great Gratitude to each of you.   Robin
The Great Cosmic Mother Goddess


I was just recently having a discussion with someone and this question arose while we were pondering the ever illusive experience of  Peace...

The person that I was in conversation with .... posed this question:  There are many indexes, but what should the “key” to peace be in
our community work?
Tough question. This is what "came through me" in the moment:
I feel that it may be...To 'bring forth' a sense of Unity...A consciousness of a larger "family"in a sense, that is truly focused and intent on those things that would express in the "highest and best" for ALL people within that community and'without' it. In order to BE a true community, I think that people must FEEL that they ARE a community or a family first. 
It may be  difficult to bring about connection without first addressing the need to accomplish the experience, or feeling that they already are invested in the outcome of each individual that is a "member" of said "family".  Once that is established at the "core"....True sense of Oneness...The mind may then envision and hold forth, only the highest vision and intention in all matters that present themselves.Focusing then on a 'common directive' or desire.....
You may not need EVERY person to be expressing with the highest of intention at first.....but it would always be nice if they were.  It could be that .... until we are able to remove, heal or deal with those very deep, core beliefs that build the "walls of separation" around and between each of us...we will keep coming back to this question.  Are we ready to let go of those beliefs that we have all given so much of ourselves to and move into a "new space"with our fellow beings; or will we continue to 'cling to these antiquated beliefs that continue to divide us from our True "Human Family" and the Peace that awaits in this place of Union...Love?

Dearest Ones....We have arrived in a time that bears knowing to All of Us that, the choices we make in this NOW...are irreversible.....We have been weaving back and forth for some time now and "testing the waters" on all sides to see how it "feels".
 It is time for you to know that whatever your choosing  in regard to where you see yourself as you go forth into this "new life" or "shift" or "vibration".........You are deciding RIGHT NOW, what you will experience from this moment forward. 
This is not meant to sound ominous or threatening....AT ALL. We are only speaking that which is right and true....For every 'Being' is deciding what their next steps in this AMAZING, UNIVERSAL-PLUS SHIFT will be for them and for their Soul.  So we suggest that your energies might be put to very good use being even - more mindful, 'present' and focused than ever to respond to EVERYTHING THAT COMES YOUR WAY- IN THE HIGHEST LOVE THAT YOU CAN.  We know that these times are VERY CHALLENGING.....For you would not have had it any other way....You, each of you determined to get the greatest amount of growth from this lifetime...that was possible.We honor you, and find ourselves sometimes in awe of you too.....For the courage, awareness and focus this process demands is not for the weak-hearted.
So we encourage you ...Gentle Hearts...To hold as much love for one another that is possible and to forgive and release your grievances.  Be also mindful that, all that is expressing around you is an opportunity to accept the challenge of it and take it still to a higher place.  Only in this way will you be able to free yourself from these lower expressions that you see manifest in the world around you.  For the ONLY PLACE...
PEACE exists is IN YOU....It is only in the Mastery of Holding that Peace In You..
..That you/We have hope of expressing it OUT into our created world....
We continue to have Great Faith in you - precious ones...For, in truth....You ARE
.....You cannot be any less....So We invite you to 'see yourselves' as We see you; a perfect Love.   For you ARE.
We wish you Peace....

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Blessings & Light- Robin L. Modaffare
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Holding The Highest    


                                                                                   PHOTOGRAPHED BY: ROBIN MODAFFARE

    There are so very many of us that are using this life to finish so many third-dimensional lessons.  The goal is the "mastery of them". So I am being made aware of the intensification of these dimensional experiences; experiences where we may not have completed our learning with them.  Whether these experiences where put on the" back burner", "avoided" or whatever: We have all reached the time where we can no longer avoid them; we must complete & find our "balance" with them.  My heart is with you in this time, and I will certainly be holding the "space" and the "vision" for your completion with your experiences.

                     PHOTO BY: ROBIN MODAFFARE
  We would like to gently remind you Dearest Ones, that:  Everyone in creation is "perfectly on their path", even though it may not appear so to others.  
ALL THINGS ARE PERFECTLY UNFOLDING, AT ALL TIMES.  There is even perfection to whatever the process you may find yourself in right now and the Creator and your Higher Self understand what that is.  Perhaps this will bring you PEACE in some small way.  Just Love.  See the Perfection in everyone, without the judgment; if you can. I know from my own experience that it's hard to "be there" all the time.  However, people will always SEE THEMSELVES AS THEY ARE MIRRORED BY OTHERS.  If we can hold the highest vision for those around us; then maybe they may come to be able to hold the highest for themselves.  This is especially true when they are struggling with judgments of themselves, with their own self-loathing or low self image.  If we mirror to others anything less than the highest for them- or of them; they will accommodate us and reflect that which we project at them. 

   Some will understand this to mean; that we are suggesting "the highest" intent to be thoughts such as:

   ' I want to see you get help', or 'you know if you loved me you would do this', or 'I want you to do this for you'. We do not mean to say that those are "wrong" thoughts to have; & We are sure that the intentions  are well-meaning; however they fall short of ---SEEING THEM AS PERFECT – RIGHT HERE AND RIGHT NOW.  It is a constant reminder to them—of just how imperfect they are.  It is so much more effective for some reason, when people are steadfastly met with love and 'eyes' that only see  perfection ( eyes that can see past what they may be ‘doing’ in this moment) to that- KNOWING OF THEIR ETERNAL AND UNCHANGING DIVINITY.  Then these dear ones are- in that moment ‘brought into’ a "space" of potential; a “space” where all things are possible.  Instead of continuously being reminded of where they fall short; they are being shown a constant reminder of their perfection—not of that which they have been expressing in direct opposition to THE TRUTH OF THEMSELVES. 

 For each of us to understand that this is an experience that We NEED to have, so that We may “BECOME” that which we have always been,  will result in Us expressing all We are here to BE; hopefully in greater wisdom than before..



   The hardest thing about being HUMAN is: to come to the absolute knowledge that the only way to change anything is to first change the way we view it, because in truth there is only ONE POWER: THE POWER OF LOVE. I don't mean the enabling kind of Love; or the romantic love, or the pitying kind either.  I speak of the Highest Love.  The expression of Love that sees everything expressing "Perfectly", with purpose & beauty, even though it may elude us in the moment.  Love is the only thing there is, and the only thing that can heal anything. Anything that expresses as less than Love is Fear. 

  So Dearest Ones,  you are so perceptive in your discerning that there is probably some very deep pain that needs to find a way to release, in order that you and others may realize this Peace. I know it has to be so hard for you to watch such pain.  Harder still to know that there isn't a thing anyone can do to help another come to love themselves enough to "heal", until they "realize they are lovable".  For some reason ----- Loving ourselves, is one of the most difficult undertakings.  We seem so capable of  'holding' that picture or vision for others;  so it's amazing that it continues to be so hard for us to 'own' this same 'truth' for ourselves.

   Be patient Gentle Ones. Talk to yours and their High-Self often; send them only thoughts of understanding, perfection & compassion.  You may be surprised how changing the pictures that we hold & sending them out at these subliminal or unconscious, vibrational levels, we might actually be able to affect the outcome of the situation.  That sometimes just changing our picture of something or someone, can have a tremendous effect.

In Gratitude For Your Lights;

                   GAIA SPEAKING....



I have received so many emails and calls concerning climate related events and their meaning.  Where are all of these events going and what will they bring for us as we proceed into the next months, approaching the"shift-point" of December 2012.  So it is...with great compassion that the 'Host of Light' has 'gifted' with a reply.......

We understand what you are going through.... for many of Us have been those who have 'walked' this earth path before.  We pray that the information that We are 'bringing forth' at this time in behalf of your concerns will help to 'lift you up' and comfort you. It is true..that it is quite difficult in human form to live enough life experiences to finally come to understand that.....hard as it might be to imagine.. there really isn't any need - EVER - to use any of our energies in the illusory game of WORRY OR CONCERN.  Watching this journey...that is so 'preciously' &
 uniquely yours and yours alone.....Speaks in such encouraging ways for all of humanity.  You, Gentle Hearts are a JOY to watch & We are blessed to know you.

In regard to the Unfolding Events in so many regions of our precious planet,Gaia;
It is Our  knowing and experience that these souls....collectively and consciously 'cross over' ahead of us to; not only assist us from that side for the planetary "shift"...(which "they" are preparing even now to do), but to lend their energies to the "awakening" process as well.  This is particularly the case in those that experienced their "transition" in the earthquake of Japan. 

Those amazing souls that were vibrating and have been vibrating at a very different level than a lot of us here on this earth....Have already formed a more cohesive "group" or "collective" consciousness. This is something that most of humanity have yet to experience.  We are getting there, but we have not arrived yet. There are many reasons for this.....Some have to do with their genetic encoding.  I/We know that this does not make it any easier to Cope with the pain and devastation and grief that many are experiencing now .......But We do hope that it will give 'rise' to ...perhaps another way to look at it.

In response to the Earth Changes....We will say that you are on the right track.... There is always 'time' to redirect some of these things; however there will come a time when we are going to run out of that very 3-Dimensional thing that WE call Time.  The Earth experienced some very significant affects.  One such affect was an increase in Her rotational spin.  She is rotating faster than before.....
Good for the movement into Higher Vibrational Dimensions and for being able to support Higher Vibrational Beings?  No?

Next: Her mantle is 'loosening up' which allows Her to more freely 'align' Herself to Galactic Center. Vital for the the movement through the gates, when the time arrives.  Her realignment will also make it possible for all of those who are being guided to the "safe zones" on the planet in and through their "inner knowing" to reap the beauty of climates that might be more supportive of living and growing food.  You will note that many of our animal friends are also starting to ..seemingly show up in the strangest places.  Not any longer being found where you might expect them to be ..... due to man made catastrophe's? or Migratory disruptions? Lack of food?

All of these things are simply the slow and deliberate changes that are necessary to get us where we ALL need to be for the moment of the Great Planetary Shift.  Please understand ...that when We make note of these things ..it is Not to suggest that you be fearful of the events yet to unfold; for, even now We have seen these potential events, SHIFT from their original design...The 'earth-changes' to come, WILL be ongoing and  express at a faster and faster pace as we find ourselves quickly now, aligning for that moment.  They have come in increments with sufficient time and space between experiences ....giving us time to get our feet under us and acclimate to  them as best we can......before the next one "hit".  This is a courtesy to US.....So that we might be able to maintain our physical bodies through all of this and NOT DIE. 

 We invite you to just ..CONTINUE TO BE ... in the moment that you are creating right now and give ALL YOUR FOCUS to that PRESENCE, and you will be taken to your PERFECT NOW.  The "pull" of the world and the events that are playing out for the remaining portions of consciousness here, are attempting to express in their respective NOWS.  This pull is very strong.  It is the tendency of most people to feel compelled to Create - There, finding themselves 'being drawn' into the spiraling game of duality.  If that is where you wish to continue to experience and have your journeys, then That Is an acceptable choice.  But if you are Not resonating with that which is just ......like a portion of our consciousness ...somewhere on 'dream level dreaming and it is not where you wish to be focused the majority of your waking state....then We say that you are choosing well.  For We know that you are "following YOUR Spirit" and where it wants to take you.
Dearest Ones, we are going to experience Earth changes. We could lose much of our coastal land.....However  you must understand...That the 'earth-changes' will also "bring forth" something quite new and wonderful. With the tectonic shifts and the volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and shifting speed and frequency of the planet....There will be many vast bodies of land that will 'resurface' as well.  Again all of this is information respective to those that are "doing that journey".  We invite you, as always, to continue to "hold"the highest of thought and intention.  To place all of your energies into seeing the world,as you would have it be....Not how it  'appears' to be; for no matter how difficult the time ahead may be or how powerless you may come to feel; please..Beloveds...Never forget that you are directing where this is going.
 You....Collectively and Consciously have, all the Power..guided by Love & Intent, to bring this all Home to a glorious and "New Light".All you need to concern yourself with now, is:  What is the journey that you are and desire to create?

 In Love & Great Light;
Blessings to Each of You.

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these articles on the condition that the content remains complete,
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                                               Ego says,"Once everything falls into place,
                                I'll feel peace." Spirit says, "Find your peace, 
         and then everything will fall into place."
                -Marianne Williamson

    " A Return To Love"


All of my life I have heard the “Call” of Oneness.

Being compelled in all ways to follow, what I know to be the light of the Creator that expresses in me..to bring forth what I know to be the Truth of my life. The life that God has given me. That inner voice that has been the driving and invisible force behind my unfolding Self. I have forever been a curious & playful witness of the beautiful journey of the human condition & the discovery of those things that we have ‘in common’ rather than those that appear to ‘separate or divide’ us. It is a “sight” that I have had for all of this life; as many of you on this “path” may relate to & I thank you for giving me the opportunity to share this experience and the understanding that has come from it.
I rejoice in the "weave of oneness" ...In the energies of "community"..Experiencing myself as a Universal Being in communion with all that is Creation & all yet to be created. My invitation to YOU-
is to: "Come & play with me on that stage"; the stage of Our full potential & in doing so may we experience the "highest Love" possible".
It is an honor to share in this "journey" with all of you.


  "Creating Union Through Love"

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Robin L. Modaffare