" Let the states of equilibrium and harmony exist in perfection, and a happy order will prevail

 throughout heaven and earth, and all things will be nourished and flourish". – Confucius


 Today we can enhance the effects of Qi Gong using 21st Century Technology   [Picture] Wouldn't it be nice if you could flip a switch and clear the negative stressors that cause the energy drain that you may be experiencing?  What if you had a "stress relief companion" that could act as your personal 24 hour a day assistant! Well NOW YOU CAN!!

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Rose has been using and promoting the SRC4U Qi Gong Enhancement computer software since it was first introduced by the developers.  She is a seasoned Biofeedback Specialist and was fortunate enough to know Grand Master David, the prime force behind the SRC4U program, while he and three others developed the SRC computer software.
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Independent Photography, Reiki Level III,
          Reiki for Animals, Quantum Touch

Retired Foreign Service Officer from the Agency for International Development.
30 years experience serving in third world countries that included assignments in Afghanistan, Thailand, Nepal, Vietnam, Columbia, Honduras, Kenya and San
Salvador. Also five years with Peace Corps staff in Washington, D.C.

After retirement, studied energetic healing modalities such as Reiki, Quantum-Touch, Muscle Testing, Medical Qi- Gong, Reiki For Animals,Communicating with Animals,
Energy Healing For Animals, Shamanism, Dowsing and Introduction to Sacred
Geometry. Currently involved in volunteer work at no-kill Animal Shelter. Has a special gift of being able to communicate with animals ready to transition through
telepathy and Shamanism (animals intuitively know when their journey is complete but need a voice to make their wishes known to their beloved companions.)                

Kahu Fred Sterling

The Great Shift. The book took 18-months to write and publish with the help of 40 volunteers. It's been translated into several languages. KIRAEL is the name of a highly evolved Light-Being in the seventh-dimension that serves in the Guidance Realm who is here to assist us through the shift. Medium for Kirael is Kahu Fred Sterling, head pastor of the Honolulu Church of Light. Broadcasts a FREE weekly internet radio webcast from Honolulu, Hawaii. Includes updates on the Great Shift, accepts questions from worldwide audience answered by Kirael. Books, CD�s, online workshops and events.

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Author Patricia Beirne’s new book, “Love Waits On Acceptance: A Healing Journey”    (published by iUniverse), showcases the power of unconditional love, through her inspiring journey from unhappiness to enlightened being.

On the surface, Beirne led the perfect life, striving to be the model wife, mother and homemaker. At night, however, she was restless, trying to find the meaning and purpose of her life. Over a five-year period, Beirne’s life spiraled out of control. Her two teenage daughters were in terrible car accidents. While one battled drug addiction, the other fought depression and a mysterious illness that landed her in the hospital. Meanwhile, Beirne’s marriage began to deteriorate rapidly. It was in the mindset of this that Beirne discovered that she had a tremendous gift, A Divine Messenger (the Voice) who poured unconditional love into her heart. Through the Voice, Beirne was able to begin the healing process and save her daughters.

It is Beirne’s hope that her book will bring comfort to readers struggle with the issues addressed in “Love Waits on Acceptance.” She writes, “I believe those who are willing to read with an open mind and heart will glean information and insight that will restore t heir faith and assure them that there is help available. All they need to do is ask.”

       “Love Waits on Acceptance”  By Patricia Beirne, CHt, CMEP   Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

  About the Author - Patricia Beirne has served as a spiritual family counselor, teacher and practitioner of complementary and   alternative therapies. She’s treated hundreds of patients in hospitals and private practice,hosted a weekly TV program and written “Complementary Therapies” in Palliative Nursing textbook. Beirne currently resides in San Diego.
  "Aside from being my very dear friend for over 20 years now.....She is one of the most loving and gifted women I have ever known.  Her new book is NOW available ON AMAZON. I highly recommend the reading of it." Robin L. Modaffare, Ph.D., Embracing Source.

 Patricia Beirne, CHt, CMEP
Author of the New Release - "Love Waits On Acceptance" A Healing Journey - Visit Patricia's Blog - OMEGA POINT - to read more.

To purchase your copy now -CLICK HERE

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An open forum for conversations on matters of transformation, ascension and spiritual growth, with powerful and amazing men and women. Please come and join with us as we explore the insights and experiences of "real people" and their revelations and contributions to our world today. To listen to some of these "Conversations"  

Robin has begun to take her "love based" and powerful messages to those seeking greater "peace"....bringing understanding, 'light', transformation & joy - as they come to a deeper relationship with their Source.

In 1994...A direct experience with the Spiritual Kingdom....brought Robin to another "place" of expression.  After a transference of information, light and love; to both she and her "life-partner"of 35 years now, she has honored that "gift" by sharing the knowledge 'given' them - with any who are "drawn" to hear "Their" words.

So Robin brings a message of Divine simplicity, Light, Presence, Unconditional Love and the Highest Vision possible for all of mankind. Her "invitation" is - to have you "come" and "play" with her on that stage....The stage of "being human". To see yourself ...as she sees you.....As the perfect, loving and PURE expression of the Creator - Itself.
As the embodiment of an "energy" whose essence is Source...Robin brings the 'fullness' of her masterful "knowing"... to each precious and miraculous experience with you in order to - "open the gates" to the Light of Source......to "bring forth" that which will serve you in the highest. Admittedly... only a facilitator for this All Knowing Source......Robin gives herself completely to each and every "meeting" with those who are seeking to "know themselves" in order that they might come back into that beautiful essence, frequency and vibration .....that is their natural way of expressing.
So many of us, in our endeavor to "become spiritual" or "whole" have sought after "teachers", "teachings", modalities, tools and philosophies that we hoped would "open doors" and shed some BIG LIGHT on who we really are and what we are doing here; only to make some good progress....for a while.....and then "falling" right back to the "place"- we started from...experiencing the same patterns, spirals, relationships, blocks and experiences that 'called' us to begin our search in the first place.
This is a very common experience for those of the "earth-human" life.....and we are here to offer you a FRESH new look at this situation and to initiate the ALCHEMY...OR SPIRITUAL RE-CALIBRATION...that will "set you on your ...PURE-path" to all that you are seeking. We have entered a "new light"...that means that you have too.....So please do yourselves the great service of just "showing up" and making yourself available...to receive the transmissions of light and love from your Source that will generate the ABUNDANCE - WEALTH - HEALTH - LOVE, SUCCESS - AND JOY that is your ABSOLUTE DIVINE INHERITANCE AND DIVINE RIGHT.

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            A New Experience In The Awakening Self  - With Host Robin L. Modaffare


     INTERVIEWS &                RECORDINGS 


  Robin Layne Modaffare

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Robin Layne Modaffare

Robin Layne Modaffare 

An extensive DNA study confirms what Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have always believed: they're the oldest living civilisation on the planet. 
"We know that we were here forever, but Western science is slowly catching up," says a Facebook post from Indigenous Australian rights organisation Sovereign Union, led by activist and Euahlayi leader Ghillar Michael Anderson.

In fact, their relationship to the land stretches back over 50,000 years, according to new scientific research published in the journal Nature. Led by Professor Eske Willerslev of the University of Cambridge, in collaboration with a host of Indigenous elders, the research team sequenced the genome of 83 Aboriginal Australians (from groups covering 90 percent of Australia's land mass) and 25 Highland Papuans.
Significantly, the results also show that Indigenous ancestors migrated from Africa 72,000 years ago as part of a "single migration" of the world's first people. 

Aboriginal and Papuan ancestors then split from the single migrating group more than 58,000 years ago, reaching the supercontinent of Sahul (modern day Australia, Tasmania and Papua New Guinea) around 50,000 years ago.
The findings debunk a number of previous theories. They include the idea (often used to delegitimise First Nations sovereignty) that Indigenous Australians may not be the first group to occupy Australia; that modern day humans spread from Africa over multiple migrations; and that the Aboriginal people's connection to the land wasn't as old as it's now known to be. 
The study also shows significant diversity in the genetic makeup of Indigenous nations between the east and west of the continent. 
"There is greater genetic diversity in Aboriginal people living in the east and west of Australia then there is between people living in Siberia and the Americas," says Westaway.
"That great genetic diversity in Aboriginal populations reflects the huge amount of time they have occupied the continent," says co-author and senior research fellow Dr. Michael Westaway.
Co-author and Dauwa Kau'bvai woman Colleen Wall told ABC she was pleased that both women and leaders of Aboriginal nations were players in the study, and that science seemingly verifies the multitude of Songlines, or sacred creation stories, that constitute the religious beliefs of Australia's First Nations.
"As a society we already believe that we are the oldest race on Earth, and from my point of view this research goes some way towards proving that," said Wall.
The study is one of three major "human origins" papers published in Nature this week, with a second study showing that the advent of human behaviors -- as shown through rock art and tools -- seems unaccompanied by any significant genetic mutations. 
As Swapan Mallick of Harvard Medical School put it, "your genome contains the history of every ancestor you ever had." 
In an accompanying commentary on the three studies, Joshua M. Akey of University of Washington said, "I think all three studies are basically saying the same thing. We know there were multiple dispersals out of Africa, but we can trace our ancestry back to a single one."
Aubrey Lynch, an Indigenous Wangai elder involved in the study, said "this study confirms our beliefs that we have ancient connections to our lands and have been here far longer than anyone else."

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On Thanksgiving Eve of 1994, my husband & I had an
experience..unexpected, unsolicited & perhaps, for many
will be hard to believe. However the time has come...
And I have been guided to share it IN HOPE that it will be a "message" that will help heal & "lift you up"; for it is greatly responsible for where I find myself today & how I see myself, each of you & the world around us.


Indigenous Australians

   the oldest living civilization on Earth, study affirms

Dr. Guillory is an authority on diversity, leadership, high performance, creativity and innovation, and quantum-thinking.  Bill’s published books include Realizations; It’s All An Illusion; Destined to Succeed; The Roadmap to Diversity, Inclusion, and High Performance; The Guides; Empowerment for High-Performing Organizations; The Business of Diversity; Living Without Fear; and so many more.
Prior to founding the consulting firm Innovations International Inc., Dr. Guillory was a physical chemist of international renown. He has lived, studied, and lectured in England, France, Germany, Japan, Switzerland, Poland, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and China. He has authored over 100 publications and several books on the application of lasers in chemistry and was Chair of the Department of Chemistry at the University of Utah. Dr. Guillory received his B.S. from Dillard University in New Orleans, his Ph.D. from the University of California at Berkeley, and was a National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow at the Sorbonne in Paris. His distinguished awards and appointments include an Alfred P. Sloan Fellowship, an Alexander von Humboldt appointment at the University of Frankfurt, a Ralph Metcalf Chair at Marquette University, and the Chancellor’s Distinguished Lectureship at the University of California at Berkeley.
Dr. Guillory has presented over 4,000 seminars for leadership groups in the United States, Canada, Mexico, South America, China and so much more.......
To learn more about Bill - Click Here  or to purchase his latest book -




Patricia Beirne Praises Faith and Love in New Book
Love Waits on Acceptance’ follows one woman’s reliance on the divine messenger in her time of need. Buy Now -


Robin Layne Modaffare

"Meeting Robin Modaffare brings new meaning to love at first sight. With her infectious laughter, she will ignite the reality within, that you have just found what you never knew you had always been looking for! In moments you will begin to feel your heart center begin to open to connect to Source Love."

M.E., Portland, OR


Let's talk about the things that most concern you ....right now. Things that might still be eluding you on your "journey" toward true empowerment, abundance, love and vibrant health.

Her work over..almost 3 decades now ,has resulted in "miraculous" growth & healing for many beautiful souls.

She brings a message of Divine simplicity, Light, Presence, Unconditional Love and the Highest Vision possible for all of mankind. Her "invitation" is - to have you "come" and "play" with her on that stage....The stage of "being human". To see yourself ...as she sees you.....As the perfect, loving and PURE expression of the Creator - Itself.

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For all of her life...a seeker of physical, mental, spiritual and emotional "mastery", Robin has graciously and selflessly sought to offer herself in "service" to those that she is 'guided' to assist as the "vehicle" ONLY....of healing, light & love. She is able to extend to those who are in need of guidance, clarity that will help them to understand the true beauty of their own Presence and regain their connection to that Source of Light within them. This is facilitated through a wide array of services that are expressed in "Her gifts" as a spiritual counselor, teacher, healer & medium.



Her work over..almost 3 decades now, has resulted in "miraculous" growth & healing for many beautiful souls.